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Ernie Komarek, Environmental Designer, Fort Collins, Colorado Pearl Vista 1 Log Home Exterior Pearl Vista 1 Log Home Interior - Great Room
Ernie Komarek, Environmental Designer, Fort Collins, Colorado


  Ernie Komarek
  818 Coulter Street
  Fort Collins, CO 80524

  Phone: 970-221-0875

Your Dream Home...

Are you planning to build your dream home or remodel your existing home? Maybe you are considering a vacation home or that log cabin in the mountains? Ernie Komarek is eager to hear your ideas and help turn them into reality. Ernie designs custom homes that fit your building site, compliment your personality and enhance your lifestyle.

Since 1970 Ernie has been designing some of the finest homes, log cabins, resorts and ranches in Northern Colorado. Log home designs and mountain site planning and cabin plans are his specialty. He will work with your ideas to make sure that your dream home is comfortable, affordable and well built.

Ranging from conceptual planning to site-specific working drawings, Ernie works closely with the property owner and builder to translate design ideas into plans. Good plans are essential for accurate estimating, quality construction and are required for a building permit and for homeowners associations and lenders approval.

Schutte Residence - Livermore, CO (Featured in Log Homes Living Magazine 2002 Buyers Guide)

Ernie Komarek Fine Art Studio...

Since childhood I have enjoyed art as a hobby and have continued to develop as an artist with many commissioned paintings, portraits and commercial art projects including architectural rendering, graphic design, photography and advertising art. Today my painting activity is developing into a second career.

My paintings reflect my respect and admiration for western landscapes, wildlife, culture and history. From it's endless prairies with big skies and wide open spaces to the rugged summits of snow capped mountain peaks comes my inspiration. I have a passion for color, light, perspective and art history.

In my art I help the viewer to see the natural and man made environment around us. Many of us, in our hurried lifestyles, look at things, but don't take time to see them. Throughout my life I have enjoyed many days hiking, fishing, traveling and skiing in some of the most beautiful areas of the Rocky Mountain west. I have gained an appreciation of snowy mountain tops, remote wilderness forests, ghost towns and historic sites, farm scenes, deserts and ranch country. As an observer of life I enjoy studying all the fine details that contribute to the whole and capturing the energy in everything we experience. It's all about living life forward and understanding it backwards.

Seeing my surroundings is only half of the painting process. The other half involves seeing what I paint. Quite often the qualities of the painting media creates a better image than I could paint intentionally. The trick is keeping the good strokes and eliminating the others. My background as an architectural designer, draftsman and illustrator has contributed to the realism in my paintings, but I also add elements of impressionism within the same painting. This allows the viewer's eyes to interpret the elements within the painting and spark their imagination to see it their way and feel the energy of the moment. When I see the viewer's expression and sense of peace I know my efforts were worthwhile.

Feel free to browse my online art gallery and let me know what you think. I always appreciate a critic.

Flippin' Flies

Fishin' Bears

Long Distance Call
Longhorn Roundup
custom home designs and house plans
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